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Postmarked: Our Independent Film for Charity

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About Us

Meet Ron Hunting


Ron Hunting is a friend of many in the Phoenix theatre community. He is also a friend with ALS, a deadly disease which is taking his life. Ron wrote a play which had a reading in 2014. Gene Ganssle saw the reading and thought it would make a funny film. As the idea progressed it was realized that, when released, this film could be used to fight ALS with over half of all proceeds from distribution being donated to ALS research. 

Gene Ganssle, the director, is honored to be a part of the ASU FilmSpark Program at the Herberger Institute's School of Film, Dance and Theatre. We trained over 25 summer ASU interns, hired alumni professionals and faculty to help us make this film, along with donations of equipment from BKW, Reel Men and Canon. We finished the film in 2016, despite only being partially funded, and any proceeds from the distribution will pay back Ron & Athena and facilitate distribution with half of all proceeds going to fight ALS. We still have our original Go Fund Me link below to do what's needed to make Postmarked successful. It is truly a labor of love.

But the BEST thing would be if you'd watch Postmarked on ITunes or Amazon!

Do it for your own entertainment and support of local AZ film. Do it to help fight ALS. And do it for Ron. He'd like that.

A Comedy for a Cause


We are donating HALF of all proceeds from Postmarked to ALS research in honor of Ron Hunting. If you want to give directly as a charity navigator, please visit the original Go Fund Me!


More about Postmarked

Tony Eckstat and Ben Tyler in a scene from "Postmarked"

This is a NEW site for our independent film, so more detailed information on our cast and crew is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon or contact us for more information. Call the director, Gene Ganssle, at 602-791-3521.

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Here's the Story - The Postmarked Synopsis

In this dark comedy, an ordinary delivery route turns deadly for two mail carriers who may have seen too much. George was the lucky mailman who took off from work the day the others met a horrible fate.  But fate has caught up to him as he ends up in a warehouse being interrogated by two mysterious would-be thugs. Forced to bring in anyone he’s told about the events that day, we meet George’s quirky friends. Deadly boss Jackie has no patience for the bumbling agents or the hostages’ strange behavior and wants them dead. But at the last minute, George has news that changes everything. As he bargains to make a deal for the hostages’ freedom, a double cross may be in the works. Will these unlikely heroes get out alive, or will they end up postmarked?

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Additional Information

You can find out more about Postmarked, ASU or 

Please contact us via email: Gene@Ganssle.net

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The Producer and Director of Postmarked is Gene Ganssle. In addition to teaching at ASU, he still produces video projects. 

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